Mona Niko

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Most of her artwork is figurative and about the understanding of humanity and intricacies of emotion associated with the human experience. Mona Niko has been prolific in creating and showcasing her art. She has organized 6 Solo art Exhibitions and Participated in 20 Group Exhibitions in the Middle East and in the U.S. She has hosted Exhibits in the Art Museum of Santa Ana , the Art Expo of New York and Art Fair of Laguna Beach , just to name a few.

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I was born in Tehran, Iran. I obtained an Art certificate at Graphics College and my Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from Azad University. I then began my painting with an Expressionist style.After some time I ventured into a different style which was a combination of my knowledge of graphic design and painting. It’s a form of mixed-media where I combine an image and the painting process together. I have been able to expand my artwork to textiles , including home and office decor and high fabric clothing I believe there is no smooth road toward to success. But if you work hard, have a belief in yourself , consistency and most importantly a love what you are doing then success will come. I have a true passion for what I am doing.

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