Extra Ordinary Show Feb 2022


These works were selected from hundreds of submissions and the unique abstract pieces feature some of the best works we have seen.
List of Selected Artists :

Extraordinary Works 

Exhibition Runs: February 5 to February 26, 2022

Selected Artists:
Trent Alvey, Fiona Araee, Audrey Aronson, Charlene Asato, Michele Benzamin-Miki, Jillian Blake, Ryan Campbell, Cena Caterine, Katie Dahl, Nancy Erickson Dutmer, Ryan Franklin, Gregory Gallardo, AnneKarin Glass, Mary Lyn Gough, Dave Hanson, Carol Huddleston, Nasrin Iravani, AndrzeJ Michael Karwacki, Rachel Kirk, Mark Landry, Mary-Ellen Latino, Gregory Liffick, James Mandella, Elena Marty, Joie McClements, Joe A. Oakes, Shanda ONeill, Arpad Petrass, Paula Pink, Pamela Pitt, Michael Potts, Mia Siracusa, Richard Stevens, Trish Trinrud, Christopher Tucker, Eva Wang, Rachel Weissberger, Larry Wolf, Brittany Worlinsky.
Winners :
1-Larry Wolf
2-Gregory Gallardo
3-Dave Hanson